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The Implementation Deadline for Federally-mandated CAQH CORE EFT and ERA Operating Rules was January 1, 2014.
Learn more about CAQH CORE resources available to help your organization meet the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's operating rule mandate.

CORE Overview Presentation

CORE Provider Presentation

Time Commitment/Responsibilities


  • Meeting frequency
    • In-person meetings approximately twice per year; may hold conference calls between meetings
  • Skill set
    • Represent your organization’s/stakeholder perspective regarding issues being discussed by CORE
    • Communicate with your organization’s leadership regarding CORE’s status as it impacts your organization and whether/when your organization should adopt/challenge the rules
    • If your organization agrees to adopt the rules, oversee, or gain commitment from your organization to assign someone to the implementation process
    • Assign Work Group members

CORE Work Groups*

  • Member participation is voluntary
  • Meeting frequency
    • During rule writing phase, monthly conference calls and at least one in-person meeting annually
  • Skill set
    • Different for each Work Group

*If an individual is appointed to the CORE Steering Committee or to Chair a CORE Work Group, level of time and resource commitment will increase.