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Physicians and other health providers are now using this industry standard for provider data collection

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For general inquiries, please contact us at:

Through May 4, 2014:Effective May 5, 2014:
601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW1900 K Street, NW
South Building, Suite 500Suite 650
Washington, DC 20004Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202.861.1492Phone: 202.517.0400
Fax: 202.861.1454Fax: 202.517.0397
E-mail: info@CAQH.orgE-mail:

Universal Provider Datasource Support Desk
Phone: (888) 599-1771
Fax: 1-866-293-0414

For all questions about CORE or the CORE rules, please visit CORE Overview or call (202) 861-6380.

For all media inquiries, please visit our online press room.

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