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Physicians and other health providers are now using this industry standard for provider data collection

EFT Enrollment

CAQH is simplifying and streamlining the electronic funds transfer (EFT) enrollment process for providers and payers with a new tool that improves administrative efficiency. Instead of enrolling individually with each payer, CAQH offers a secure, online system that allows providers to enroll in electronic payments with multiple payers at no cost, eliminating redundant paper forms and saving administrative time and costs. When providers update their electronic payment information, the changes are shared automatically with their selected payer partners.


Enrolling in EFT with CAQH is easy and free for providers. Simply go to and follow the 3-step process.


For more information or to register, please contact us at

To learn more about our new EFT enrollment tool, please visit

Participating Organizations

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CareCentrix                 Midwest Health Plan WellPoint Health Networks Inc.