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One million providers are now using UPD®, the trusted source and industry standard for provider data needed in credentialing, claims processing, quality assurance, emergency response, member services and more.

Watch our video to learn how UPD has improved efficiency across the healthcare system.

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Why UPD®?

Save Time

UPD eliminates the need to fill out multiple, redundant and time-consuming forms.

"My organization has benefited from the UPD. It's seen a 40% reduction in the volume of paperwork that we have to complete."

-Chris Dooley, Executive Director, Women and Infants Physician Hospital Organization

Save Money

By reducing costs associated with the exchange of provider data, UPD saves millions of dollars in annual administrative costs across the healthcare industry.

"When health plans agree on an administrative simplification approach or process, things get done."

-Robert Tennant, Senior Policy Advisor, Medical Group Management Association

Minimize paperwork

UPD offers a single, uniform online application that providers and their office staff and participating organizations can access at any time.

"The value that the UPD offers to Cigna and all health plans is a single place for us as a health plan to go to get really valuable information that we use. I also see it as a value to the provider community."

-Paul Williams, Senior Director-Strategic Initiatives, Cigna

Keep information current

UPD makes it easy to keep provider information up-to-date without having to fill out multiple forms over and over again.

"Universal Provider Datasource gets me through the credentialing process faster. It's a definite timesaver."

-Ada Marquez, Billing Manager, Open High-Field MRI and CT of Westchester, Larchmont, New York

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