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Physicians and other health providers are now using this industry standard for provider data collection

CAQH® Fact Sheet

CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) is a nonprofit alliance of health plans and trade associations.

CAQH's mission is to be the catalyst for industry collaboration on initiatives that simplify healthcare administration for health plans and providers, resulting in a better care experience for patients and caregivers.

CAQH is simplifying healthcare administration through industry initiatives that

  • Promote quality interactions between plans, providers and other stakeholders.
  • Reduce costs and frustrations associated with healthcare administration.
  • Facilitate administrative healthcare information exchange.
  • Encourage administrative and clinical data integration.

CAQH and its members are working to achieve a healthcare system in which administrative processes are efficient, predictable, and easily understood by patients, caregivers and providers. In this system, administrative and clinical data are integrated to effectively support the delivery of care.

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If you are a member of the media and would like to speak to someone directly, please contact:

Miranda Woolston
Communications Manager
(202) 778-3224