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Physicians and other health providers are now using this industry standard for provider data collection

Simplified Prescribing

CAQH is working to make administrative systems and processes easier for providers, their office staffs and patients. In March 2004, CAQH joined with RxHub to launch the nation's most inclusive electronic database of formulary information. The partnership combines formulary information from participating CAQH member health plans with that from RxHub's participating PBMs, thereby creating a centralized formulary database that is available to interested technology vendors through the RxHub system. By working together, CAQH and RxHub have created a single source that provides formulary data for a majority of commercially insured Americans.

For information on how to access this unique, high-quality data source, please email

In addition to helping make formulary information easier for providers to access, CAQH is actively involved in efforts to promote e-prescribing solutions. As part of our commitment, CAQH launched a year-long e-prescribing pilot with DrFirst and MedStar. The results [ 1.06 MB MS Powerpoint® file | Click to download ] are providing the marketplace with a better understanding of the impact of e-prescribing in the provider office. For an example, click here to see a description of our pilot.