CAQH Primary Source Verification FAQs

Is CAQH developing a primary source verification (PSV) solution?

Yes. In partnership with CAQH-member health plans, CAQH is developing a solution that will create a paradigm shift for the industry. The goal is to consolidate and standardize the primary source verification process for healthcare organizations and align provider re-credentialing dates across health plans.

Why is CAQH developing a PSV solution?  

After conducting extensive research with a range of healthcare stakeholders, CAQH determined there was a widespread and unmet industry need to eliminate the costly, dupli­cative process through which every health plan and healthcare organi­zation individually verifies provider data. 

Is CAQH a certified credentials verification organization (CVO)?

Yes. CAQH is a certified CVO through the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).  

When will the PSV solution be available?

The PSV solution is in development and will be available to member organizations later this year and offered to other organizations in early 2017.

Will the PSV solution integrate with CAQH ProView?

Yes. The CAQH PSV solution will fully integrate with CAQH ProView. It is a turnkey add-on solution that will enable standardization of processes to create more rapid, cost-effective credentialing verification for health plans.

How can I learn more?

Please contact if you would like additional information.