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Physicians and other health providers are now using this industry standard for provider data collection

UPD Providers and Office Managers

"Universal Provider Datasource gets me through the credentialing process faster. It's a definite timesaver."

-- Ada Marquez
Billing Manager
Open High-Field MRI and CT of Westchester
Larchmont, New York

Providing information for credentialing and other business applications doesn't have to be time-consuming and inefficient. CAQH's Universal Provider Datasource is an established, free service to physicians and other healthcare providers that simplifies and improves the data collection process. With UPD, you enter information online, one time, to satisfy application requirements, such as those for credentialing, of participating health plans, hospitals, and other managed care organizations. Updates and re-attests can be made instantly. Only you control and authorize access to your information. Encryption technology keeps your data safe.