CAQH CORE and NACHA Joint Education Session - Provider Case Studies in EFT/ERA Implementation

February 26, 2015 | 02:00 PM EST

Providers, don't miss this session. Come join our partners from NACHA - The National Clearinghouse Association - as they present three case studies on the real benefits of switching from paper checks and explanation of benefits, to the healthcare electronic funds transfer (EFT) and electronic remittance advice (ERA). The case studies will feature experiences in these savings as seen in a single micro practice; a mid-sized provider; and a large hospital group.

Also participating will be Eric Brodsky, Director of Billing and Operations of the Midwest Center for Women's HealthCare, in the suburban Chicago area; Leann DiDomenico, Administrative Director of Performance Pediatrics in Plymouth, MA; and Doug Downey, Vice President, Treasury, HCA, Inc. in Nashville, TN.

NACHA also will give an overview of 2014-2015 Healthcare EFT Volumes, as well as a review of the Healthcare EFT Standard value proposition for providers.

This webinar is designed specifically for all HIPAA-covered entities to which the Federally-mandated operating rules apply: Hospitals, providers, health plans, vendors and clearinghouses. Departments that would find it useful include: Finance/Billing, Compliance, IT Claim Operations and Process Improvement.

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