Accessing CAQH Websites

CAQH experienced a technical difficulty with our websites that has been resolved. However, some visitors may continue to experience difficulties accessing CAQH websites (including CAQH ProView and EnrollHub).

If you are having problems reaching CAQH sites today, please try the following:

  1. Clear out the network cache in the web browser you are using. Here is how:
  • In IE (Internet Explorer): Click on the gear in the upper right of your window, Select ‘Internet Options’ from the menu. In Internet Options, go down to Browsing History and click on ‘Delete…’. From there, select ‘Temporary Internet files and website files’ and ‘Cookies and website data’ and click ‘Delete’.
  • In Chrome: Select the three horizontal lines at the upper right and select ‘Settings’. Go down to ‘Privacy’ and select ‘Cookies and other site and plugin data’ and ‘Cached images and files’. Then select ‘Clear browsing data’.

Note: You will need to log in to the sites again after doing this.

      2.   If #1 does not resolve your problem, try using a Command prompt. Here is how: 

  • Go to your Start menu.
  • Either select Command window or type ‘cmd’ in the text box at the bottom.
  • Enter the following command: ipconfig /flushdns
  • After typing that command, wait a few minutes and then try accessing the webpage again. 

For additional support, please contact the appropriate Support Center:

Trouble accessing CAQH ProView: Call (888) 599-1771

Trouble accessing EnrollHub: Call (844) 815-9763 

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