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August 2015

CAQH has launched a redesigned website developed to communicate more effectively and improve the visitor experience. In addition to featuring refreshed branding that represents the mission and vision of the organization, now has a new structure that makes information easier to find.

As the scope of CAQH activities expands beyond simplifying administrative processes to focus more broadly on “streamlining the business of healthcare”, the redesigned website more comprehensively profiles the work of the organization.

“Collaborating to Take Costs Out of the Business of Healthcare”

August 2015

Collaborative projects are advancing operational efficiencies, improving health plan and provider relations and reducing millions in costs for the healthcare system at large, according to examples recently provided by senior executives from three national health plans at AHIP Institute 2015.

August 2015

At the inaugural hearing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)-mandated Review Committee in June, CAQH CORE presented compelling testimony that operating rules have resulted in significant contributions to the business needs of the healthcare industry. CAQH CORE also emphasized that many opportunities still exist to use operating rules to achieve interoperable data exchange.