Participate in the 2016 CAQH Index

August 2016

The CAQH Index is now recruiting health and dental plans and healthcare providers (including provider practices, hospitals and health systems) to participate in the 2016 Index.

Broad multi-stakeholder participation in the CAQH Index helps establish valuable industry benchmarks on the adoption and cost savings of automated business transactions. By participating as a data contributor, organizations at every stage of adoption provide valuable information, enabling robust monitoring of industry progress and potential cost savings.

This annual reporting is reliable, useful, and actionable for participating organizations and the industry as a whole. Most recently, the 2015 CAQH Index, based on 2014 data, analyzed more than four billion administrative transactions from information submitted by health plans that collectively represented over 118 million covered lives—nearly 45 percent of the commercially insured U.S. population.

Why Contribute Data?

1. Help your organization understand:

  • How does our progress in adopting electronic transactions compare to that of similar organizations?
  • Are we managing the transition to electronic transactions effectively, to maximize cost savings and efficiency gains?
  • How should we prioritize investments in programs to accelerate our adoption of electronic transactions?

2. Help the healthcare industry understand:

  • How is industry use of electronic administrative transactions progressing year-over-year?
  • Which electronic transactions deliver the most cost savings?
  • What are the barriers to adoption, and what are industry leaders doing to reduce these barriers?

3. Receive a customized benchmark report:

  • While all results are publically reported in aggregate, participants receive customized individual reports. This provides an in-depth analysis of organizational performance compared to national results for benchmarking and cost savings opportunities.

Become a Data Contributor

If your organization is interested in participating, visit  or contact Raynard Washington, CAQH Senior Manager of Research and Measurement for more information.

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