Open for Industry Review: Roadmap to Improve Accuracy of Provider Data

October 2017

What will it take to achieve consistent, high-quality healthcare provider data for industry stakeholders and patients?

From paying a claim to developing a provider directory, accurate, timely and complete provider data is necessary to conduct business in healthcare. However, efforts to collect provider data are still conducted using a piecemeal approach. Redundant and time-consuming tasks cost the commercial healthcare industry an estimated $2.1 billion annually.

The Provider Data Action Alliance, a group of healthcare leaders convened by CAQH, has developed a draft Roadmap offering a vision and strategies for how to improve provider data. These strategies include developing industry-accepted data definitions; improving maintenance processes and accountability measures; centralizing data resources; and fostering greater regulatory alignment.

The Roadmap is currently open for industry review. To review and submit feedback, visit

Comments will be accepted until 5:00 PM (EDT), October 31, 2017.

Additional Resources

View the recording and slide deck from a recent webinar discussing the Roadmap strategies.

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Read more about the Provider Data Action Alliance in Transforming Provider Data, a recent blog post authored by Sorin Davis, CAQH Managing Director of Industry Relations.

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