COB Smart Forum Keynote Outlines NAIC Coordination of Benefits Regulation

March 2018

In late February, CAQH hosted COB Smart Connection: A Forum for Participating Organizations. The keynote speaker was Jolie H. Matthews, Senior Health and Life Policy Counsel at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Created in 1871, the NAIC is a nationwide organization that establishes standards to improve the state regulation of insurance, including health and dental.

In her keynote speech, Matthews discussed the NAIC adoption of the Coordination of Benefits (COB) Model Regulation in 1971. The model implements guidelines for how the COB process is conducted and claims are paid. In the past five decades, the NAIC has revised the model several times to reflect changes in the healthcare industry. For example, the model now includes dental insurance and permits group-to-individual plan coordination. Matthews predicts the NAIC will rework the model again the near future, particularly to address vision insurance.

Download a copy of the NAIC model here.

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