CAQH ProView for Groups is Improving Delegated Roster Processes

Industry momentum increases as additional provider groups participate and a leading third party vendor integrates Groups-compatible rosters

July 2019

Webinar: Improving the Delegated Roster Process

Health plans and delegated provider groups are invited to an August 14 webinar to hear from industry peers who are using CAQH ProView for Groups to share delegated data. Presenters from a regional health plan and delegated group will explain how the solution is changing their approach to delegated data and best practices for implementing a similar process. Learn more or register here.

MD-Staff generates CAQH ProView for Groups-compatible rosters

Now delegated provider groups can automatically generate rosters to upload directly into CAQH ProView for Groups. MD-Staff, a powerful, user friendly, enterprise-level credentialing system used by more than 1,200 facilities nationwide offers CAQH ProView for Groups-compatible rosters. This feature makes it easy for large, delegated provider groups to share credentials and other information with multiple health plans at once. Learn more about how this collaboration streamlines data sharing for delegated groups and plans.

More groups starting to use solution each month

Provider organizations that have recently adopted CAQH ProView for Groups include:

  • Children's Clinics for Rehabilitative Services
  • Texas Tech University Health Science Center-Odessa
  • Sandstone Care LLC
  • Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care, PLLC
  • TransCentury - Texas Professional Healthcare Alliance

To learn more about how this solution simplifies the data maintenance and sharing process between delegated provider groups and health plans, visit the CAQH ProView for Groups webpage.

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