Savings Spotlight: Claim Status Inquiries

March 2019

Of the many business transactions measured in the 2018 CAQH Index, claims status inquiries offer the healthcare system the greatest per-transaction opportunity for cost savings. Despite fewer claim status inquiries occurring overall compared to the prior year, a significant savings opportunity remains because the transaction is highly inefficient when not conducted electronically. According to the most recent Index, the medical industry could still save an estimated $2.6 billion annually by completing the transition to electronic claim status inquiries.

For claim status inquiries, the Index found that providers can save an estimated $2.3 billion annually, more than 27 percent of the study’s total $8.5 billion potential healthcare provider savings opportunity. In addition, health plans can save $328 million annually, nearly 25 percent of the $1.3 billion health plan savings opportunity by using electronic claim status inquiry transactions.

In prior years, claim status inquiries were often used as a routine transaction. However, the transaction is now typically conducted when there is a suspected issue with a particular claim. CAQH Director of Research and Measurement, Kristine Burnaska, notes that this fundamental shift may be attributable to cleaner claims, faster payments and value-based payment contracts.

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