Supporting Delegated Provider Data Management

MD-Staff Generating CAQH ProView for Groups-compatible Rosters

February 2019

The traditional model of sharing data between delegated healthcare provider groups and health plans is complex for all parties. Plans frequently receive delegated group information in varying formats and at different times. Delegated groups must maintain unique rosters and change reports for each plan, and typically do not know when plans process their data.

Applied Statistics & Management Inc. (ASM), through its credentialing system MD-Staff, is working with CAQH to simplify the way groups share provider information with health plans. MD-Staff now automatically generates rosters that can be uploaded directly into CAQH ProView for Groups.

CAQH ProView for Groups is a new feature of CAQH ProView, which is the industry standard for sharing self-reported provider information. With the new functionality, plans receive cleaner provider data with less manual effort, greater transparency and faster data validation. Delegated groups can upload one standard roster file. CAQH ProView for Groups then performs over 120 automated quality checks on roster submissions, so 72 percent of common roster errors are corrected before being sent to plans. Once information is shared, groups can see the exact date and time each plan downloads their file.

Read the press release to learn more about how MD-Staff and CAQH ProView for Groups are working together. For a first-hand look at how CAQH ProView for Groups streamlines the data sharing process, see this on-demand webinar.

Health plans working with delegated provider groups should contact CAQH to find out which groups are already using the solution and to request templates for inviting additional groups to get started with CAQH ProView for Groups.

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