CAQH ProView Streamlines Data Sharing Between Delegated Groups and Plans

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Streamlined, automated process delivers higher quality data, more efficiently

WASHINGTON, DC - 10/04/2018

CAQH has launched CAQH ProView for Groups, simplifying the way data is shared between delegated provider groups and health plans. This first-of-its-kind functionality replaces the highly manual processes widely used today with an intuitive, efficient module within CAQH ProView.

With CAQH ProView for Groups, delegated groups no longer need to maintain a separate file for each contracted plan. Instead, they can submit one standardized file through a centralized portal, which automatically checks for errors. Participating plans then receive higher quality provider data that can be easily uploaded into their systems and online directories.

“For years, plans have struggled to collect and maintain the accurate data they need for credentialing and provider directories from delegated groups,” said Ken Aversa, Vice President of Provider Experience at Anthem, Inc. “This solution simplifies and streamlines the process and can be accessed through a provider data platform that most plans and providers already use.”

Today, CAQH ProView is used by nearly 1,000 health plan entities and 1.4 million providers to share information. To develop CAQH ProView for Groups, CAQH collaborated with nine health plans and more than 35 large provider organizations to identify pain points, analyze workflows, and design a technology solution that is simpler, faster, and more accurate than the processes they currently use.

“CAQH participating plans and providers identified the problem of exchanging information with groups as an urgent need, and they partnered closely with us to design a solution,” said Robin Thomashauer, President of CAQH. “The result is CAQH ProView for Groups, which will be a significant step forward in improving the industry’s provider data challenges.”

To learn more about how CAQH ProView for Groups is revolutionizing the way health plans and provider groups share data, visit the CAQH website here.