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For more than 20 years, CAQH has helped the nation’s health plans, providers, government entities and other healthcare organizations connect, exchange information and operate more efficiently.  CAQH Solutions, and the Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE) bring the healthcare industry together to make sharing business information more automated, predictable and consistent. CAQH Insights researches opportunities to reduce the burden of manual processes in healthcare administration. Visit www.caqh.org.

The nation’s physician practices, health plans and health systems rely on CAQH to manage and exchange data, streamline business processes and save time and money

WASHINGTON, DC - 05/10/2023

CAQH today announced that now more than two million healthcare practitioners use its provider data management solutions to enter, update and verify professional and practice information and securely share it with the organizations that they authorize.  Because this information is entered by providers themselves, verified with authoritative and primary sources and validated using advanced data science, it is an unmatched resource for credentialing, directory and network management and other functions essential to our healthcare system.  

“Engagement with providers themselves is essential to accurate and up-to-date provider data,” said CAQH CEO Robin Thomashauer. “This, combined with a robust approach to validating and enriching the data, has enabled us to provide the industry with an essential source of truth.”

CAQH provider data management solutions save providers from having to enter information multiple times to accommodate payers on different platforms and credentialing cycles.  The process enhances data quality by reducing the risk of errors, and ultimately frees time that can be better spent on patient care.

Public and commercial payers across the country access the information to address a variety of provider network uses, including credentialing, network and referral management, member directories, health equity and more.  Going forward, CAQH will leverage and enhance data to provide new use cases that improve the provider and member experience and streamline workflows.

CAQH can augment and analyze the data to provide plans powerful and flexible new tools to enhance services, improve the provider and member experience and streamline operations.

“This is an important milestone in our ongoing effort to improve the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of provider data, and we have ambitious plans for the future,” said Thomashauer.  “We will continue to innovate and find new ways to use data to lower costs and improve the business processes and decision making for industry.”