CAQH CORE Statements of Support

“The AHA expresses its support for designation of the Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE) of the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) as the entity responsible for the development of “operating rules” for all HIPAA transaction standards as authorized by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).”

- American Hospital Association
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"The development of operating rules to support the exchange of administrative transactions outlined in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will be a significant milestone towards administrative simplification. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association believes that CAQH/CORE is well positioned to meet PPACA’s requirements for developing operating rules. 

Given its history of:

  • multi-stakeholder collaboration resulting in successful implementations;
  • alignment with the wide range of existing standards and Federally-sponsored efforts; and
  • administrative efficiencies and savings achieved,

CORE can provide a solid foundation to deliver thoughtful, actionable operating rules within the timeframes required by PPACA. 

For these operating rules to be successful, substantive standards need to be in place. From its inception, CORE has embraced the use of established standards. A strong collaboration between CORE and standard setting organizations – with HHS delineating the steps to be taken by the standards organizations and the steps to be taken by CORE – will leverage that experience and position the industry to deliver on the intent and timing of the legislation."

- Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association


"The leadership of CAQH has been remarkable in bringing the industry together to advance standards-based electronic administration. We were thrilled to be able to shine a spotlight on their success. We hope that the rest of the industry will join their efforts to develop and deploy common approaches to exchanging data."

- Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich
Founder of the Center for Health Transformation


"The standardized operating rules created by the CAQH CORE multi-stakeholder initiative is an important effort that will dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of electronic communications between patients, physicians and payers. This initiative complements the AMA’s Heal the Claims Process™ campaign, which has made the elimination of waste and confusion from the medical claims process a top priority."

- Joseph M. Heyman, MD
Chair of the American Medical Association Board of Trustees


"The ongoing efforts of CAQH to put forth standard rules for electronic eligibility is an important step in simplifying the administrative process for providers. America's Health Insurance Plans is pleased to participate in this important work and recognize the CORE operating rules as a key component of an industry-wide provider connectivity strategy."

- America's Health Insurance Plans


"Through CORE, the various sectors of the industry have come together to create a thoughtful and sustainable path to transparency."

- Karen Greenrose
President and CEO


"CORE’s work to simplify access to critical patient administrative information complements similar efforts in the clinical arena. The Phase II rules are an important step forward in facilitating system interoperability and achieving integrated patient data exchange."

- H. Stephen Lieber, CAE
President and CEO


"CORE is nothing short of groundbreaking. The initiative is helping to define the future of electronic communication between health plans and providers by bringing together industry stakeholders to develop standard rules that promote interoperability and significantly simplify provider access to critical patient insurance coverage."

- Bob Greczyn
CEO and President
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
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