CORE Endorsement Application Process


Entities that do not create, transmit, or use administrative healthcare transactions* can demonstrate their support for CAQH CORE’s mission and the CAQH CORE Operating Rules by signing the CORE Pledge, and applying for and using the CORE Endorser Seal. Entities seeking the CORE Endorser Seal should complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain and review the Rules and Policies
  2. Obtain and review the Certification Policy
  3. Obtain, review and sign the Pledge
  4. Obtain and complete the Seal Application
  5. Submit the signed CORE Pledge with the completed CORE Seal Application to:

    CORE Endorser
    2020 K Street, NW 
    Suite 900
    Washington, DC 20006


CORE Endorsement Terms and Conditions

  • Phase I and Phase II CORE Endorser status are each valid for the Phase I and Phase II CAQH CORE Eligibility and Claim Status Operating Rules, respectively; Phase III CORE Endorser status is valid for the Phase III CAQH CORE EFT and ERA Operating Rules; Phase IV CORE Endorser status is valid for the Phase IV CAQH CORE Infrastructure/Connectivity Operating Rules, etc. Entities will need to apply for a CORE Endorser Seal for each new phase of CORE rules they desire to support, including each substantive change made to Phase I CORE and additional Phase rules.
  • There is no fee required to apply for and use the Phase I, Phase II, Phase III or Phase IV CORE Endorser Seal.
  • CORE will inform each CORE Endorser Seal applicant of its queue status at the time the application is received.
  • Upon receiving a CORE Endorser Seal application from an entity, CORE will have a maximum of 20 business days to complete its assessment of the application and respond to the applicant with a clear response of approval or need for clarification.
  • A final decision will be made by CORE in 30 business days, unless there are extenuating circumstances. If so, CORE will notify the applicant about the reason for the assessment extension.
  • CORE will grant an organization its CORE Endorser Seal following the positive completion of the application review process.
  • After receiving a CORE Endorser Seal, the entity may market itself as a CORE Endorser.
  • Entities receiving the CORE Endorser Seal will be promoted in CORE marketing materials and on the CAQH website.

* Only entities that create, transmit or use the administrative transactions addressed by the CAQH CORE Operating Rules are eligible for CORE Certification. Such entities should refer to the CORE Certification: A Step-By-Step Process for more information about becoming CORE-certified.

Questions: Contact CAQH at (202) 517-0362 or

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