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Beginning in May 2011, CORE began holding Town Hall Calls. All stakeholders, both CORE participating and non-participating entities, are invited to join these open calls. The purpose is to provide attendees with an informal update on CORE activities over the past several months. Examples of potential agenda items include:

  • Update on CAQH CORE Operating Rule development process
  • Updates regarding NCVHS and related government activities on health information
  • Update on entities that have recently become CORE certified entities or endorsers
  • Results of CORE ROI studies

Town Hall Calls are for informational purposes only, no voting or decision-making will occur. Town Hall Calls were held at the following dates and times:

Call documents will be made available to participants prior to each Town Hall Call. If you would like to be added to CORE’s contact list to receive updates on the CORE Town Hall Calls or if you have any questions please email CORE.

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