Premium Payment Operating Rules

The Premium Payment (820) transaction provides the format for transmitting information relating to payments. The CAQH CORE Premium Payment Operating Rules support consistent infrastructure and a connectivity safe harbor across the industry.

Complete Set of CAQH CORE Premium Payment Operating Rules

CAQH CORE Premium Payment (820) Infrastructure Rule vPP.1.0

       • CAQH CORE v5010 Master Companion Guide

CAQH CORE Connectivity Rule vC3.1.0

        • XML Schema v3.1.0 

        • WSDL Schema v3.1.0 

        • CAQH CORE-Required Processing Mode Payload Type Tables

CORE Certification & Endorsement

CORE Certification for Premium Payment is available to all entities that create, transmit or use premium payment transactions. Entities that do not use, create, or transmit premium payment transactions can demonstrate their support for CAQH CORE’s mission and its operating rules through CORE Endorsement.

Implementation Resources

Visit the Resource Library webpage to access FAQs, Analysis & Planning Guides, Webinars and more to support implementation of the CAQH CORE Operating Rules. For more information about the operating rules process or CORE Certification, contact CAQH CORE at

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