Trading Partner Participation

CAQH is calling on all CORE participants and those organizations interested in becoming CORE-certified to help promote CORE rules to their most critical trading partners. By reaching out to your partners you will assist us in building CORE rules adoption from the ground up, setting in motion a process that, through overlapping trading partner relationships, will eventually generate exponential use of the rules. Enhanced interoperability, significantly improved administrative data exchange and reduced administrative burdens will be the payoff for your assistance.

NEW TOOL: The CAQH CORE Trading Partner Testing Readiness Page has been launched. Organizations that are ready to test operating rules implementation with trading partners are encouraged to add a contact to the new page highlighting readiness for the January 1, 2013 Eligibility and Claim Status Operating Rule implementation deadline.

Below are links to documents you may find helpful in reaching out to your trading partners. Click on the document link to access/download the document.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with this CORE trading partner outreach program information and contact us at (202) 861-1492 if you have any questions. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support of the CORE initiative. Thank you in advance for your efforts to promote CORE to your strategic trading partners.

Trading Partner Engagement Kit for use by Health Plans

Trading Partner Recruitment Tool Kit Overview

Click here to download a Trading Partner Outreach Letter

Click here to download a Getting Health Plans Involved

Click here to download a Getting Providers Involved

Click here to download a Getting Vendors and Clearinghouses Involved

Click here to download a Recruiting CORE Endorsers

Click here to download a CORE Participants List

Click here to download a CORE Certification: A Step-By-Step Process

Click here to download a CORE Pledge

Click here to download a CORE Seal Application

Click here to download a CORE Groundswell Ad

Add Your Organization to Show Readiness for January 2013 Deadline


CORE’s potential impact increases with each entity that becomes CORE-certified. Please contact your trading partners about CORE-certification and encourage them to join in rule development as a CORE participant.




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