Voting Process

Voting Process for CAQH CORE Operating Rules

*CAQH CORE Body CAQH CORE Requirements for Rules Approval

Level 1:

CAQH CORE Subgroups

Not addressed in governing procedures, but must occur to ensure consensus building.

Level 2:

CAQH CORE Work Groups

Work Groups require for a quorum that 60% of all Work Group participants vote. Simple majority vote (greater than 50%) by this quorum is needed to approve a rule.

Level 3:

Full CAQH CORE Voting Membership

Full CORE Voting Membership vote requires for a quorum that 60% of all Full CORE Voting Member organizations (i.e., CORE Participants that create, transmit, or use transactions) vote on the proposed rule at this stage. With a quorum, a 66.67% approval vote is needed to approve a rule.

Level 4:


The CAQH CORE Board's normal voting procedures would apply. If the Board does not approve any proposed Operating Rule, the Board will issue a memorandum setting forth the reasons it did not approve the proposed Operating Rule and will ask the CORE Subgroups and Work Groups to revisit the proposed Operating Rule.



CAQH Board/CAQH does not have veto or voting power over the CAQH CORE Operating Rules.

Any entity that is a CAQH CORE Participant per the CAQH CORE application process has a right to vote on the rules, understanding that at Level 3 only entities that will implement the rules vote on the rules.

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