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Health Plans: Contribute Data to the CAQH Index

The CAQH Index is an ongoing measure of progress, and it becomes increasingly reliable, useful, and actionable as more organizations contribute data to the effort. By participating as a data contributor, organizations at every stage of adoption can help improve the overall quality of Index data, enabling deeper insight into the transition, and advancing its ability to demonstrate industry progress and quantify the significant cost savings and efficiency gains achieved.

Data contribution is open to organizations that are able to extract and report data according to the CAQH Index Reporting Standards and Data Submission Guides for medical and dental health plans. Both health plans and healthcare provider organizations may contribute data. Health plans report information on numbers of transactions by type (electronic, telephone, fax etc.), as well as information on costs of those transactions.

  • The CAQH Index Overview for Health Plans is provided for medical and dental health plans that would like to learn more about the CAQH Index data collection process and the resources typically required.
  • The 2017 CAQH Index Data Collection Tool for Payers is provided for medical and dental health plans to submit data for numbers of transactions and costs per transaction, manual vs. electronic, for calendar year 2016. 

As an added bonus, contributors receive customized individual reports enabling a deeper analysis of organizational performance alongside national results for benchmarking and cost savings opportunities.

Learn more about contributing data from your organization to the CAQH Index. Contact Reid Kiser, Interim Director, CAQH Explorations.

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