Get Involved with the CAQH Index

To achieve a truly efficient healthcare system, CAQH encourages every health plan, healthcare provider, vendor, and business partner to be part of the CAQH Index process:

  • Adopt: The findings in the CAQH Index can help inform and direct industry-wide initiatives as well as government regulations that seek to increase the shift from manual to electronic transactions. In our interviews with stakeholders, many revealed that they are making concerted efforts to eliminate as many manual transactions as possible in favor of electronic transactions. Others, however, lack a strategic plan and/or have not adopted best practices that lead to greater use of electronic transactions. A concerted commitment is needed not only by individual health plans, but also the industry as a whole, working together to achieve the goal of stakeholders benefiting from a more efficient and effective healthcare system.
  • Benchmark: The CAQH Index includes benchmarks, such as numbers of transactions per-member, per-year and per-member, per-claim. CAQH will maintain and track these benchmarks over time and will introduce others as more transactions are studied and as the dataset becomes richer. Industry stakeholders can accelerate the transition to electronic administrative transactions by using these and future benchmarks to evaluate their own progress relative to comparable industry players and to assess, prioritize, and act on opportunities to streamline operations.
  • Participate: . As the size and diversity of the Index dataset continues to grow, so does our ability to accurately track progress and provide actionable benchmarks. Expanding the size and scope of Index data continues to be a top priority for CAQH. Health plans and healthcare providers can help by reviewing the Index Reporting Standards and Data Submission Guides for medical and dental health plans. Organizations capable of extracting and reporting data according to the guide hold valuable information, and are encouraged to reach out to CAQH to learn about contributing data to the Index.
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