The CAQH Index: Get Involved

Data is needed from a large number of contributors to:

  • More completely benchmark the transactions currently tracked.
  • Expand the industry understanding of specific topics, such as portal use and vendor fees.
  • Reveal more precise insights about the evolving use of administrative transactions.

Every data contribution enriches the overall quality of the Index dataset. With richer data, CAQH can deliver increasingly useful insights, more precise measures of progress and more accurate estimates of cost savings.

All health plans and healthcare providers, including hospitals, health systems, medical groups and IPAs, irrespective of adoption status, are encouraged to participate.

In addition, there is a role for vendors and other business partners, as well as government agencies and policymakers to support the Index.

2019 CAQH Index data contribution information will be available mid-year. 

2018 Data Contribution Resources:

Contact the lead researcher to ask questions about participation: Kristine Burnaska, Director, Research and Measurement, at

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