Provider Data

On September 28-29, 2016, CAQH hosted the 2016 Provider Data Summit: Time to Act to address industry-wide issues related to provider data. 

CAQH developed a white paper in connection with Manatt Health, a leading healthcare policy and research firm, to inform discussions at the Summit. 

“The poor quality of provider data has created one of the most pressing challenges in this era of healthcare reform,” said CAQH Executive Director Robin J. Thomashauer, in a press release about the white paper. “The industry will be much more successful in solving this problem if we can do so collectively, breaking down barriers and developing consensus on how to move forward.” Read the press release here

After the Summit, CAQH developed an Executive Summary, which captures highlights from the collaborative discussion and initial recommendations to develop a path forward and address industrywide challenges with provider data. 


The Healthcare Industry Faces Common Provider Data Challenges
  1. There are few authoritative provider "sources," leading to waste in the healthcare system.
  2. Provider data requirements and "standards" vary widely.
  3. Provider data changes frequently.
  4. Providers are not sufficiently engaged in the provider data dialogue.
Recommendations to Address the Healthcare Industry's Provider Data Challenges
  1. A roadmap will facilitate coordinated and collaborative action.
  2. Common provider data definitions are essential.
  3. The industry must be accountable for provider data quality.
  4. The industry needs to harmonize authoritative sources of truth.


Download the Provider Data Summit White Paper and Executive Summary here

Below is a photo slideshow of the 2016 Provider Data Summit.