CAQH convened the Provider Data Summit: A Time to Act to address industry-wide issues related to maintaining high-quality provider data. More than 100 industry leaders from health plans, provider organizations, government, consumer groups and others participated in a day of break-out sessions and thought leader discussion.

The discussion was informed by the CAQH white paper “Defining the Provider Data Dilemma,” which describes the current state of provider data accuracy and efforts to maintain reliable, high-quality data. Read more about the event. 

CAQH developed an Executive Summary from the Summit that offers discussion highlights and recommendations for developing a path forward. Highlights include:

 The Healthcare Industry Faces Common Provider Data Challenges

  1. There are few authoritative provider "sources," leading to waste in the healthcare system.
  2. Provider data requirements and "standards" vary widely.
  3. Provider data changes frequently.
  4. Providers are not sufficiently engaged in the provider data dialogue.


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