Savings Calculator

Estimate Potential Organizational Savings: Transitioning to Electronic Administrative Transactions

The CAQH Index is tracking and measuring the transition from paper- and phone-based to electronic-based administrative transactions. Organizations that are conducting electronic administrative transactions are reducing time-consuming manual processes and eliminating waste, thereby simplifying healthcare administration.

Health plans and providers may use the interactive calculator below to input manual transaction volumes in order to estimate potential organizational cost savings that may be achieved by processing claims and other associated transactions electronically. The calculator results will display cost savings related to converting entirely (100 percent) or partially (50, 25, and 10 percent) to electronic processing for each transaction. Providers may also estimate potential time savings by transitioning from manual to electronic transactions.

Before getting started with the calculator, you will want to identify one or more of the following transaction volumes being processed manually by your organization:

  • Claim Submission
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Prior Authorization
  • Claim Status
  • Claim Payment
  • Remittance Advice
  • Claim Attachments

Note: This tool offers time savings information for providers only.

Index calculator data configuration: January 2019

Cost and time savings are based on industry averages from the most recent CAQH Index report, as well as adjustments for the current state of the market, such as inflation, salaries and transaction costs.

The calculator returns estimated savings; results should not be considered actual savings. Data entered in the interactive calculator is neither stored nor tracked by the CAQH Index or CAQH.

Note: For claim payment and remittance advice, the maximum time savings is zero because the time to conduct manual and electronic transactions is equal in the 2018 Index.


Get More Customized Data from the CAQH Index, Beyond the Savings Calculator

Contribute Data to the CAQH Index

In addition to the interactive calculator results above, a more extensive analysis of potential cost savings is available to organizations that contribute data to the Index. Data contributors receive customized reports that offer detailed comparisons between their own organizational performance and national results, enabling benchmarking and identification of targeted cost savings opportunities.

Data from contributing organizations is aggregated and used to develop an updated CAQH Index report. Industry-wide participation helps ensure that the CAQH Index can continue to serve as a reliable tool for benchmarking, tracking progress and projecting the cost savings associated with the adoption of electronic administrative transactions.

For more details about the calculator or to contribute organizational data to the CAQH Index, contact Kristine Burnaska, Director, Research and Measurement.