White Paper: Defining the Provider Data Dilemma

https://www.caqh.org/sites/default/files/explorations/defining-provider-data-white-paper.pdfAccurate data on healthcare providers is critical to improving the quality and costs of healthcare delivery. However, collecting and maintaining administrative data has been a longstanding challenge. The healthcare industry spends more than $2 billion annually on inefficient and redundant work to ensure accuracy of provider data.

CAQH developed a white paper in connection with Manatt Health, a leading healthcare policy and research firm, on the challenges and opportunities for industry collaboration. Read the press release.

The white paper was used to inform discussions at the Provider Data Summit where CAQH brought together more than 100 industry leaders. Attendees discussed a number of administrative problems, including provider directory maintenance and network management, as well as the components of a successful Roadmap to reliable, high-quality data. 

"This paper is intended to be a catalyst for industry-wide discussions - a starting point for stakeholders to identify mutual interests and work together to produce high-quality provider data."  


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