Certification: ACA Section 1104 Certification, CORE Certification, Proposed CORE HIPAA Credential, and CORE Endorsement

IV. Introduction to CORE Endorsement

NOTE: CORE Endorsement is available only to organizations that do not create, transmit, or use healthcare administrative and financial transactions and therefore are ineligible for CORE Certification.

1. What does it mean to be a CORE Endorser?

Organizations that do not create, transmit, or use administrative healthcare transactions, and therefore cannot implement the CAQH CORE Operating Rules, are eligible to become CORE Endorsers.

CORE Endorser Organizations demonstrate their support for the CAQH CORE mission and the CAQH CORE Operating Rules by signing the CORE Endorser Pledge for the appropriate phase (see below) and applying for the respective CORE Endorser Seal.

CORE-endorsing organizations may participate in CAQH CORE public relations campaigns, provide feedback and input when requested to do so by CAQH CORE, and encourage their members/partners to consider becoming CORE-certified. Please refer to the CORE Endorsement Application Process for information on how to obtain a Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, Phase IV, and/or Phase V CORE Endorser Seal.

NOTE: CORE Endorsers may or may not be CORE Participating Organizations; there is no fee to obtain the CORE Endorser Seal.

2. How do I become a CORE Endorser?

Please refer to the CORE Endorsement Application Process for more information on the CORE Endorser Seal application process.

3. What entities are CORE Endorsers?

See the CORE Endorsement lists for further information.

4. Can I put the CORE Endorser Seal up on my organization’s website?

Yes. After processing your CORE Endorsement application, CAQH CORE will send you an electronic copy of your CORE Endorser Seal for the appropriate phase for which endorsement has been achieve. This Seal can be used in your communication tools/materials. Please refer to the CAQH CORE Marketing Guidelines for more information.