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For Providers
CAQH enables providers to enter information once, and share it with all of the plans they authorize. This reduces administrative burdens and errors and allows practitioners to focus resources on what matters.

Realize the benefits quickly

CAQH solutions were designed to be secure, efficient and intuitive. CAQH University is an easy way for providers and practice staff to quickly master these solutions, reduce administrative burdens and improve the way they exchange information with heathcare payers and other business partners. 

Fewer administrative burdens

CAQH is a one stop shop for maintaining and sharing your professional and practice information.  Enter information once, share it with all participating plans you designate, and verify it on a single, predictable schedule.

Better directory accuracy and member access

Accurate information in health plan directories is essential for members to find providers who are right for them.  CAQH streamlines directory maintenance for providers, resulting in better member access, greater regulatory compliance and fewer outreach calls from payers.

Convenient and secure

The CAQH provider portal is intuitive and backed by a help desk that offers concierge level support.  The solution is HITRUST certified, demonstrating the highest levels of data security and privacy protections in healthcare.  

providers have completed a provider data profile
providers have attested within 120 days
of US Physicians have a complete profile
US Dentists have a complete profile

Keep your Profile Up-To-Date

Manage your profile with multiple health plans all at once with the CAQH Provider Data Portal

About CAQH

CAQH was founded more than 20 years ago by the nation’s health plans in part to reduce the administrative burdens on providers associated with exchanging credentialing information with payers and other organizations. Since that time, CAQH has expanded its solutions to streamline directory management, coordination of benefits and other business functions at no cost to providers.