CAQH ProView for Groups: FAQs for Delegated Groups

How does CAQH ProView for Groups benefit delegated provider groups?

CAQH ProView for Groups enables delegated provider groups to submit a single roster, check it for accuracy and share it with all their health plans in a secure and easy-to-use web portal. Automated workflows notify health plans when new data is available and eliminate the need to prepare and send interim change reports. Delegated groups can see when each plan has downloaded the file. This solution is available to groups at no cost to them.

Dentist FAQs

Does it cost anything to use CAQH ProView?

There is no cost for dentists and other health care providers to use CAQH ProView.

Do I need to be an ADA member to participate?

No, any U.S. practicing dentist can participate. If you are a non-member and would like to get started, click here to learn more about how to log in.

VeriFide FAQs for Providers and Practice Managers

Why was VeriFide developed? 

Both health plans and healthcare providers have expressed concern about the inefficient, repetitive process associated with the verification of provider data during credentialing and re-credentialing/

In order to reduce these inefficiencies, CAQH worked with our member health plans to develop a new solution designed to more accurately, completely and easily verify provider data. Our goal is to reduce the burden for plans and providers inherent in the current process. 


CAQH CORE Operating Rules are helping streamline administrative transactions for health plans, healthcare providers and vendors.

More than 130 participating organizations representing healthcare providers, health plans, government agencies and the organizations setting the standards for healthcare and data exchange are part of the CAQH CORE multi-stakeholder collaboration.

The greatest value and

return on investment

from the operating rules

is realized when there

is broad adoption