Healthcare providers

Provider Directory Data Confirmation for Providers and Practice Managers

There is now an easier way for health plans and healthcare providers to meet new federal and state requirements for improving the accuracy of provider directories. To reduce the burden associated with redundant requests that providers and practice managers would otherwise receive to regularly update this information, CAQH has developed a streamlined process to review, update and confirm the required data within the regular CAQH ProView re-attestation.  

COB Smart for Providers

COB Smart is an industry-wide solution that streamlines coordination of benefits (COB) processes.

Different than other COB tools, COB Smart collects COB details directly from health plans. The solution matches individuals with multiple coverage by participating health plans, identifies the types of coverage overlaps, and provides insight into the proper order of health plan payment.


CAQH CORE Operating Rules are helping streamline administrative transactions for health plans, healthcare providers and vendors.

More than 130 participating organizations representing healthcare providers, health plans, government agencies and the organizations setting the standards for healthcare and data exchange are part of the CAQH CORE multi-stakeholder collaboration.

The greatest value and

return on investment

from the operating rules

is realized when there

is broad adoption