CAQH Index

How Healthcare Providers Can Participate in the 2015 CAQH Index

Healthcare providers and health plans are in the process of moving from manual to electronic business transactions in order to achieve substantial savings in time, accuracy and costs.

The CAQH Index™ is an annual report from the non-profit health organization CAQH that tracks this transition, detailing adoption rates and potential savings, to demonstrate progress made and gaps remaining. The report creates its estimates based on data submitted by providers and health plans. In 2014, the health plan data represented 112 million enrollees on more than four billion transactions.


The CAQH Index, is an ongoing measure of progress, and it becomes increasingly reliable, useful, and actionable as more organizations contribute data to the effort. By participating as a data contributor, organizations at every stage of adoption can help improve the overall quality of Index data, enabling deeper insight into the transition, and advancing its ability to demonstrate industry progress and quantify the significant cost savings and efficiency gains achieved.

Become a CAQH Index Participant

Participation from medical and dental health plans, providers, vendors and pharmacy benefit managers are essential to the success of the CAQH Index. Regardless of adoption status, CAQH encourages all entities to participate. Each data contribution enriches the overall quality of the Index dataset. With richer data, CAQH can deliver increasingly useful insights, more precise measures of progress and more accurate estimates of cost savings.


The CAQH Index is the industry source for tracking health plan and provider adoption of electronic administrative transactions. Below are additional resources and frequently asked questions to help provide more context for the report and organization participation.

2016 CAQH Index Report

View the full 2016 CAQH Index report.

Administrative costs in the U.S. healthcare system consume well over $300 billion annually, or nearly 15 percent of all healthcare expenditures by some estimates. A portion of this expense is related to use of resource-intensive manual processes to conduct business transactions between providers and health plans, such as phone calls to verify patient insurance coverage or mailing claim payments.

About the CAQH Index

Purpose & Vision

The CAQH Index was created as an industry-wide resource for tracking the transition from a paper- and phone-based system to an electronically-enabled system. The CAQH Index raises awareness of potential savings and seeks to facilitate public-private sector collaboration to overcome barriers with electronic processing. Findings from the 2014 CAQH Index report show that the healthcare industry could save billions each year by continuing the shift from manual to electronic administrative transactions.