CAQH ProView

CAQH ProView - Dental

The American Dental Association (ADA) and CAQH are working together to make it easier for dentists to share their professional and practice data with dental plans. Dentists no longer need to complete different applications for credentialing, provider directories and other data needs. 

With the participation of 70,000 dentists and the nation's leading dental plans, CAQH ProView is the trusted source for accurate and up-to-date credentialing information.

CAQH ProView for Groups: FAQs for Delegated Groups

How does CAQH ProView for Groups benefit delegated provider groups?

CAQH ProView for Groups enables delegated provider groups to submit a single roster, check it for accuracy and share it with all their health plans in a secure and easy-to-use web portal. Automated workflows notify health plans when new data is available and eliminate the need to prepare and send interim change reports. Delegated groups can see when each plan has downloaded the file. This solution is available to groups at no cost to them.

Spend less time on roster updates

CAQH ProView for Groups makes it easy for delegated provider groups and health plans to share data for provider enrollment, delegation oversight, and directory maintenance—and it’s absolutely free for provider groups. 

Exclusively for delegated groups

ProView for Groups is only for provider groups that have contracts with health plans to conduct credentialing on their behalf, often referred to as a delegation arrangement.  


CAQH ProView for Groups

CAQH ProView for Groups simplifies the data maintenance and sharing process between delegated provider groups and health plans by replacing highly manual processes with an intuitive platform designed to improve provider data quality and minimize the burden of data sharing for both sides.

CAQH ProView for Groups: FAQs for Health Plans

How does CAQH ProView for Groups benefit health plans?

CAQH ProView for Groups is a new enhancement to CAQH ProView that enables delegated groups to more easily and accurately share delegated provider rosters with health plans. CAQH ProView for Groups streamlines the process of sharing delegated data by using a single, standardized roster format for all participating health plans, significantly reducing the amount of administrative effort required to update, maintain and share delegated data.