COB Smart

2022 COB Smart Symposium

Join us in Washington, DC! Symposium attendees will hear from fellow COB Smart clients and product experts on:

  • Client collaboration success stories and best practices 
  • How to get the most out of Data Validation
  • The latest COB Smart features, COB Smart for Pharmacy, and what's coming in 2023 
  • How the COB Smart portal facilitates plan-to-plan inquiries  

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COB Smart for Pharmacy

COB Smart® for Pharmacy extends all the features you enjoy with COB Smart for your medical membership to your pharmacy membership. It will help you identify primary and secondary coverage and determine primacy weekly, before claims are paid, to increase payment accuracy and reduce administrative costs associated with recovery.

2020 COB Smart Symposium

How will coordination of benefits (COB) impact the future of healthcare delivery? More states are expanding Medicaid, the ACA is evolving, and member experiences are more critical than ever to your health plan. With changes swirling in the healthcare ecosystem and many competing priorities for your organization, how will your COB processes advance?


CAQH will be exhibiting at NOPLG. Stop by by the booth to learn how your health plan can better facilitate the coordination of benefits process with COB Smart

COB Smart for Medicaid Plans

How COB Smart® works

Participating health plans supply information to the COB Smart registry each week, where it is compared with data from other health plans to identify members with overlapping benefits.  National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ (NAIC) rules are applied to determine the primacy of benefit coverage. This information is then shared with each participating health plan so it may be integrated into their existing workflows.