Price Transparency

CAQH CORE: Establishing the Building Blocks of Price Transparency 

The healthcare industry has seen several laws and regulations related to price transparency over the last years, including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Price Transparency Rule, CMS Transparency in Coverage Rule, the No Surprises Act, and related regulations. The purpose of these policies is to increase consumer awareness of the cost of care and limit surprise billing practices. 

WEDI Spring Conference

CAQH CORE will presenting alongside other industry speakers on May 26th from 2:15-4:15pm ET.

This year's virtual conference will focus on leveraging technology to help solve the biggest issues in health care. Sessions will focus on several healthcare topics including:

  • Regulations/ Patient Enablement
  • Clinical Exchange
  • Administrative Efficiency
  • Automation
  • Health Equity
  • Privacy & Security


Eligibility & Benefits Standards and Operating Rules

The Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response and the associated X12 Technical Report Type 3 Implementation Guides provide the HIPAA-adopted standards for healthcare eligibility and benefit inquiries. These guides provide standardized data content for creation and use of the v5010 270/271 transaction. The 270 transaction set is used throughout the healthcare marketplace to transmit healthcare eligibility and benefit inquiries from health care providers, insurers, clearinghouses and other healthcare adjudication processors.

Electronic Payment Impact on Dental Practice Financials

Join CAQH CORE and Nacha for a webinar to learn about how electronic payments improve the dental practice revenue cycle. Hear from Dr. Hope Watson, DMD, who will discuss how accepting EFT claim payments has benefited Watson Family Dentistry. This webinar will also address common EFT misconceptions and highlight how providers can reap rewards when working with dental plans and vendors who have adopted EFT standards and their supporting operating rules help to streamline payments.

Join us June 8 to improve your practice’s financials!

Featured Speakers:


CAQH CORE Connectivity establishes key connectivity, security and authentication requirements including acknowledgements, error handling, and the CAQH CORE Connectivity “Safe Harbor” creating a national connectivity mechanism that trading partners can be assured will be supported when healthcare information is exchanged.