No Surprises Here: Recommendations from the CAQH CORE Advanced Explanation of Benefits Advisory Group

Join CAQH CORE staff for an update on the Advanced Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Advisory Group’s efforts to develop consensus-based recommendations to support components of the Advanced EOB requirements in the No Surprises Act.

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X12 and CAQH CORE Webinar Series: A Conversation on the 835 Transaction, Standard & Operating Rules

The X12 005010X221A1 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice (835) TR3 Implementation Guide is the HIPAA-adopted standard for claim payment/advice. This guide provides standardized data content for creation and use of the 835 transaction. The 835 is used throughout the healthcare marketplace by providers to post claim payments and adjustments to their accounting systems. CAQH CORE Payment & Remittance Operating Rules help the industry more effectively implement and use the 835 transaction to understand payment decisions and optimize denial management.

CAQH CORE & NACHA – How Operating Rules Can Improve Dental Practice Financials

Join CAQH CORE and Nacha for this informative webinar on the impact of the use electronic healthcare transactions and their associated operating rules on dental practice workflow and revenue. You will get an overview of the CAQH Index, ACH volumes, and how payment and remittance standards and operating rules can improve your billing and collection processes. We will also hear from Dr. Sara Stuefen whose practice who has successfully transitioned to full use of electronic transactions. They will walk through their implementation experience and share the benefits and lessons learned.

CAQH CORE and WEDI Webinar Series Part 1: Evolution of Telehealth in a Changing Healthcare Landscape

At the start of the pandemic, telehealth visits increased by over 7,500%. Join CAQH CORE and WEDI for a webinar on this rapidly expanding digital health landscape. Get an overview of WEDI and CAQH/CAQH CORE efforts related to telehealth. Our guest speakers will present and engage in a live discussion providing insights on key topics including: