Real-World Methods for Improving Provider Directory Accuracy

Health plans nationwide are striving to find cost effective ways to improve the accuracy of provider directories. Learn how CAQH has assisted a health plan in making significant achievements in improving the accuracy of their directories.
Join the conversation as we highlight how DirectAssure®:

  • Improved a health plan's overall provider response rate of 84 percent. 
  • Identified 40 percent of its existing practice locations as invalid. 


Plan Achieves 84% Accurate Directory

More than 1.2 million data confirmation calls, continued inaccuracies, and significant provider abrasion were a few reasons why a national health plan explored sustainable approaches to improve the data accuracy of their provider directory. 

In this webinar, learn how DirectAssure®, the CAQH Solution to improve provider directory quality, simplified the health plan’s outreach process.

Results include:

The Hidden Cost of Calls

Improving the quality of provider directories is resource-intensive and expensive. 
Gain insight into the potential ramifications of common provider outreach methods many health plans use today.
Join CAQH Product Management staff Hassaan Sohail and Ron Urwongse for a 20-minute discussion highlighting how a health plan improved the quality of data in its directory while deprioritizing phone outreach and minimizing provider abrasion. 

Provider Directories: Moving Beyond the Blame Game

Improving the accuracy of provider directories has been a reoccurring challenge for health plans and providers alike, but ultimately who is responsible? 

Federal and state regulation has directed the accountability for provider directory maintenance to the health plans.  Health plans assert that the information they receive from providers is often outdated or incomplete. Conversely, providers contend they are supplying their plans with up-to-date practice information and contract status, but that the data is never used.