CAQH Endpoint Directory for Third-Party Apps

Reassure health plans that you're a trusted partner

The CAQH Endpoint Directory, a centralized directory that securely publishes validated FHIR endpoints, simplifies how you find and share information. This national source of truth automates manual processes and enables compliance with federal regulations. 


  • Easily find health plans to connect to in one place
  • Save time establishing and maintaining connections with health plans
  • Have confidence in technical integrations with health plans 

How the CAQH Endpoint Directory Works

  • Verifies the identity of payer and third-party app participants 
  • Confirms privacy and security attestations, privacy policies and data use agreements 
  • Offers testing and validation to allow you to work with health plans endpoints and conform with FHIR standards
  • Facilitates connection requests between parties 

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