CAQH ProView for Groups - Delegated Groups

It is now easy for delegated provider groups to maintain and share provider rosters with multiple health plans.

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Developed in collaboration with healthcare providers and health plans, CAQH ProView for Groups streamlines the process of maintaining and sharing delegated provider data used for provider enrollment, delegation oversight, and directory maintenance.

Simplified workflow
  • Easy to use, secure web portal enables provider groups to submit a single roster of their delegated providers for all participating health plans.
  • Provider data changes are tracked in the periods between full roster submissions, eliminating the need for change reports.
  • Authorized health plans are notified when new data is available and can access it on-demand.
  • Plans download a full roster or change file in a machine-readable format, enabling faster processing times.
Improved data accuracy
  • Rosters must satisfy 120+ data quality checks at the time of submission.
  • Auto-generated error report makes it easy to see and resolve errors in advance.
  • Better quality data results in more accurate provider directories and fewer outreach calls to provider groups.
Greater transparency
  • Provider groups authorize which plans have roster access.
  • CAQH ProView for Groups can see the exact date and time when each plan has downloaded the file.
Enhanced security
  • CAQH ProView for Groups safeguards vital provider data with multiple layers of physical and electronic security.
  • CAQH is HITRUST CSF certified.
Ongoing assistance
  • A dedicated team is available to help with set up and ongoing questions.
Available free of charge for provider groups. 
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Feedback from Provider Groups:

“I’ve been getting questions about my data from [plan], which is good because it means they are actually using it.” – Managed Care Manager

“This is definitely going to help with directory information. I can change data at the plan level, so only the correct locations and providers go to them.” – Credentialing Specialist 

“This is really straight-forward, especially in the logical way the data comes together.”    – Credentialing Manager

“The error report has been helpful for me to clean-up my data.” – Director of Credentialing

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