CAQH ProView Release Archive for Participating Organizations

CAQH ProView Release for July 23, 2018

Limited Data is Displayed for Retired and Deceased Healthcare Providers 

Data summaries, replicas, activity logs and documents for deceased and retired providers are no longer reported. 

Providers Cannot Delete Approved AAR and PLI Documents

Once an Authorization, Attestation, and Release Form (AAR) or Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) document is approved, providers are no longer allowed to edit or delete the document.

The AAR signature is updated with each attestation. 

If the provider wishes to update a PLI document, he/she should Renew their PLI policy record in the profile which generates a new PLI slot where the new file can be uploaded.

No Updates Allowed to Social Security Numbers or Dates of Birth 

To improve data quality and accuracy, the provider Social Security number and date of birth are no longer editable after their first attestation. 

Updated Oklahoma Disclosure Questions

The disclosure questions in the CAQH ProView portal mirror the questions in the state application. 

Updated Minnesota Application -  Practice Locations

To comply with the Minnesota state credentialing application, providers need to indicate if they are accepting new patients into their practice.


CAQH ProView Release for June 11, 2018

North Carolina Providers are Required to Submit Heath Plan Specific Release Forms

North Carolina providers are required to upload a release form for each health plan with which they are rostered.

Participating organizations can retrieve their plan specific release form by visiting the providers documents page in the CAQH ProView portal or, by requesting supporting documents with replicas in the extracts.

NOTE:  If you request the supporting documents with the replicas in the extracts, you will receive release forms for every health plan the provider has uploaded.  Please disregard the information that is not specific to your plan.

Illinois Providers are Required to Enter Tax Identification Information

The Practice Location Tax Identification number field is required for Illinois providers.  Information entered in this field appears in the data summary and in the extracts, but will not map to the replica.

Note: Currently, the Illinois replica imports the tax identification information from the Business Arrangement section of the profile. The Business Arrangement section will be retired in an upcoming release to prevent providers from entering Tax ID information in both places.

Updated Georgia Application

The Georgia credentialing application for providers is updated to reflect the current version.

Deceased and Retired Statuses for Providers are Separated on the Return Roster

The Return Roster now notes if the provider is retired or deceased.

Scheduling Duplicate Standard and Custom Extracts is Prohibited

To prevent redundant processing, participating organizations are prevented from creating an extract that has the same file name or format, frequency, filter, criteria and requested section.

Providers are Required to Reset their Passwords after Five Failed Attempts
Providers who have failed five failed password attempts are directed to reset the information



CAQH ProView Release for April 16, 2018

Improving Authorization Workflow

The Authorization Setting for providers now includes an option for individual and global authorization. 

Providers no longer need to authorize access each time they are re-rostered. Authorizations saved in CAQH ProView prior to April 2018 will be mapped to the new configuration.

On this screen, providers choose their authorization setting, “yes” and “recommended" will be highlighted by default.  After the provider selects the Save button, the authorization will be set.

Providers who select global authorization will have the ability to view the health plans that have access to their data.

When a provider elects individual authorization, they will see the health plans that have requested access to their information.

Participating organizations will now see a green checkmark next to “Authorized by Provider” when the provider is in the de-rostered state.

Adding Plan Provider ID to Provider Quick Search Page

The Quick Search screen contains a Plan Provider ID field to assist plans in linking their proprietary identifier to the provider record.  


Updating the Provider Directory Outreach Email

To improve engagement and reduce provider abrasion, the outreach compliance email better highlights the call to action.

The updated email emphasizes:

  • Providers are not required to attest every 90-days.
  • CMS requires health plans to remind providers to review profile to ensure accuracy. 
  • If nothing has changed since their last attestation, the provider does not need to take additional action.
  • Stress the importance of supplying updated information for accurate provider directories.

Clarifying Practice Office Hours

The Practice Location section of the provider profile contains clarifying instructions to ensure the respondent is listing practice office hours. 

Domain Table Updates 

This release has modified and introduced values to the following domain tables: 





CAQH ProView Release for February 20, 2018

Colorado Application Update

The CAQH ProView state application for Colorado reflects the December 2017 version.

Colorado disclosure question “C” reflects the following:

  1. Have you ever involuntarily resigned, terminated, or surrendered medical staff privileges or employment from a hospital, group practice or other health care facility or medical staff?

  2. Have you ever voluntarily resigned, terminated, or surrendered medical staff privileges or employment from a hospital, group practice or other health care facility or medical staff to avoid disciplinary action or investigation, or while under investigation or while such an investigation is/was pending?  If the provider answers “Yes,” a date is required.

New fields will be added to the Professional Liability Insurance section:

  • Claims History Contact
  • Claims History Fax Number
  • Claims History E-mail
Massachusetts Application Update

Providers practicing in Massachusetts are required to enter tax identification in CAQH ProView.

XML Extract

The description field label in the XML extract for disclosure question #26 has been updated to reflect the following:

Replicated Applications and Supporting Documents

Organizations have the ability to select specific approved documents they wish to include when downloading replicated applications. 


Domain Table Update

The following modifications have been made to the domain table:

  • The National Board of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons is now included. 
  • Associate Type Description and Address Type Description lists have been added to the table.
Provider Training

Providers indicating that they have interned, fulfilled a residency, or participated in a fellowship are required to enter relevant data about each opportunity.


CAQH ProView Release for January 22, 2018

Updating Profile Email Address

Providers have the ability to retrieve their password by following the retrieval prompts.



As a security measure, the user must provide specific profile information before a password reset link is dispatched.



Users also have the ability to update their email address. 





CAQH ProView Release for December 4, 2017

Participation Tab

To aid in the attestation process, “I don’t know” has been added as an option for providers who are unable to confirm specific health plan participation.


Live Chat

For participating organizations requiring assistance, a Live Chat icon has been added to the CAQH ProView menu bar.


Time-out Progression

Dentists who have exceeded the time limit to complete their provider profile are reverted to the American Dental Association (ADA) login screen. 

License Migration

The state license and related expiration date for dentists who do not have an existing CAQH ProView account are migrated from their ADA profile to CAQH ProView.


CAQH ProView Release for October 30, 2017

DirectAssure Enhancements

Prompted by a series of alerts, providers are asked to reconcile discrepancies found between their self-reported data and the information that is supplied by plans that participate in DirectAssure.  

No action is required from the plans as a result of these enhancements, however the extracts your plan receives may be larger due to increased information.  

Daily Extracts

Rostering and attested information that concludes by 9 pm EDT is included in the current day’s extract; custom extracts remain unchanged.  

Review and Attest Screen Consolidation

To improve the user experience, the review and attestation screens have been consolidated.  

Application Release Documents

Pursuant to state requirements, Oklahoma providers are required to upload the CAQH and Oklahoma application release documents.  

Conditional Employment Gap

For the following states, providers are reminded to explain gaps in employment that are less than the current requirement of 6-months:

  • Colorado, Georgia, Illinois and Oklahoma – 30 days.
  • Oregon - 60 days 
  • North Carolina and West Virginia – 90 days.
Removal of Group Number Field from the Practice Locations Section for Providers

To eliminate duplicity, the Group Number field has been removed for Texas providers as it mirrors the information housed within the Organizational (Type 2) NPI field.


CAQH ProView Release for September 25, 2017

Updates to CAQH ProView Domain Tables

Significant updates will be made to the domain table.  See below for a detailed listing.


The following Country list values will change:

Country – Current Value

Changed to Value

East Timor (provisional)

East Timor

Wallis and Fortuna Islands

Wallis and Futuna

Western Sahara (provisional)

Western Sahara

Guadaloupe ->



The following values will be added to the Country listing:

Added Value

Palestinian Territory

West Bank

Gaza Strip






Isle of Man

Saint Barthelemy



The following values will be added to the Institution listing:

Added Value

Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health

East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine

The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University

LECOM College of Dental Medicine

Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine - Arizona

Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine - Illinois

Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health

Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine

Rutgers School od Dental Medicine

Touro College of Dental Medicine at New York Medical College

University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine

University of New England College of Dental Medicine

University of Utah School of Dentistry

Western University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine



The following Language list values will change:

Language – Current Value






Latvian; Lettish



The following values will be added to the Languages listing:

Added Value





Egyptian Arabic



Haitian Creole



Iu Mein

Jamaican Patois









State and Territories

The following values will be added to the State listing:

Added Value

Federated States of Micronesia

Marshall Islands

Northern Mariana Islands




CAQH ProView Release for August 28, 2017

Updates to CAQH ProView Domain Tables

The value “American Academy of Physician Assistants” has been removed from the Certifying Board list for Physician Assistants. Providers are instructed to select a new value for “Name of Certifying Board” before their next attestation.

Update to Gender Limitation Values Mapping in ASCII and XML Extracts

The mapping for provider-selected values in Practice Location Gender Limitations to ASCII and XML extracts have been updated to deliver the provider’s response.

  • The value “Not Applicable” displays in extracts for providers who answer:
    •  “No” to “Do you have gender limitations?” OR
    • “Yes” to “Do you have gender limitations?” and also respond to “Gender Limitation Type” by selecting “None” or “N/A.”  
  • The value “Male Only” displays in extracts for providers who answer:
    •  “Yes” to “Do you have gender limitations,” and who respond to “Gender Limitation Type” by selecting “Male Only.”
  • The value “Female Only” displays in extracts for providers who answer:
    •  “Yes” to “Do you have gender limitations” and who respond to “Gender Limitation Type” by selecting “Female Only.”

Please review the Sample Gender Limitations Mapping.  

Hospital State and Zip Codes Now Appear in Provider Data Summary

State and Zip Code data display for Hospital Admitting Privilege records in the Participating Organization view of the Provider Data Summary.

Organization Type: 
CAQH Program: