CAQH ProView Release Archive for Providers and Practice Managers

CAQH ProView Release for January 22, 2018

Updating Profile Email Address 

Providers have the ability to retrieve their password by following the retrieval prompts.



As a security measure, the user must provide specific profile information before a password reset link is dispatched.



Users also have the ability to update their email address. 





CAQH ProView Release for October 30, 2017

Practice Location Data:

We have improved the questions and format in CAQH Proview related to practice location and plan participation to reduce the amount of outreach you receive from plans that seek to improve the quality of their directories. 

The practice location data reconciliation is now a two-step process for many providers. 

First, all providers will be required to confirm their practice location information during their attestation or re-attestation period.  A pop-up alert will appear inviting you to initiate the process.

10.30.2017 ProView Update


A prompt will also appear on your profile dashboard to address outstanding concerns, including asking you more specific questions about practice locations.

10.30.2017 ProView Update


A new feature has been added to increase location accuracy. You will now be able to copy and/or delete specific data elements in practice locations and archive historical practice location data.  

10.30.2017 ProView Update


Providers can also accept, reject or respond, “I don’t know” for each health and dental plan provider location.

10.30.2017 ProView Update   10.30.2017 ProView Update


Providers archiving their practice location information will need to explain why it should be archived.  The archived information will be housed in the Archived and Rejected Locations table.

10.30.2017 ProView Update


Most providers in CAQH ProView are rostered by plans that are also using the system to improve their provider accuracy. Those rostered providers will now be required to answer additional questions surrounding plan participation and if they are accepting new patients. 

10.30.2017 ProView Update10.30.2017 ProView Update


As a housekeeping measure, we have removed the Group Number field since it mirrored the information that is housed within the Organizational (Type 2) NPI field.

10.30.2017 ProView Update



Review and Attestation Screens

The review and attention screens are now consolidated to reduce the time it takes to re-attest to profiles.  If you do not have errors, the attestation button is active as soon as you select Review and Attest.   

10.30.2017 ProView Update



Conditional Employment Gap

For providers operating in states that require additional information for employment gaps, instructions will be provided under Employment Information to help guide you through the process.  

10.30.2017 ProView Update



Application Release Documents - Oklahoma

You will be required to upload both the CAQH ProView and Oklahoma application release documents (AAR). If you have submitted the AAR and CAQH ProView application, you will now be required to resubmit within the appropriate location on the documents page. System prompts will direct you to that location. 

10.30.2017 ProView Update



CAQH ProView Release for July 31, 2017


Practice Location Affiliation

Within the Practice Location section, providers will be reminded to respond to the following question:  

Please describe your affiliation with this location.
A list of options will be made available for selection.

WHY: The required questions in the Practice Location section will assist providers in sharing the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date data with health plans.

IMPACT: < 10 minutes per provider.

NOTE: These changes will NOT affect a provider's status in CAQH ProView or the ability for authorized participating organizations to view an already current and complete data profile.


Colorado Application Update

In continued support of state requirements, the CAQH ProView provider portal will be updated to reflect the Colorado 2016 application.

This release will include the following additional questions:

In the Employment Information section of the profile, a provider will be asked "Is this your current employer?"

  • If the provider answers No, a new field will ask "Are you eligible for rehire?"
    • If the provider answers No to that question, the provider will be required to enter content for: "Please explain."

2. In the Disclosure section, providers will be asked, "Have you ever voluntarily or involuntarily resigned, terminated or surrendered medical staff privileges or employment from a hospital, group practice or other health care facility or medical staff?"

  • If the provider answers Yes, to that question, providers will be required to enter the Date of Event, fill in a text field for "Please explain" and answer: "Was it to avoid disciplinary action or investigation or while under investigation, or is such an investigation pending? Yes/No.
    • If the provider answers Yes to that question, the provider will be required to enter content for: "Please explain."

3. In the Disclosure section, providers will be asked the following Yes/No question: "The Colorado Board of Health requires licensed health care facilities to annually report their health care worker influenza vaccination rate and achieve a vaccination rate of at least 90%. To facilitate compliance with this rule, some health care facilities may require annual influenza vaccination of employees and staff. If this facility must comply with the Colorado Board of Health requirements, I agree to provide proof of influenza vaccination before practicing at this facility."

WHY: The Colorado credentialing application is maintained by Colorado Physicians Insurance Company (COPIC). In 2016, COPIC revised the application by introducing additional required questions in their 2016 update.

IMPACT: < 10 minutes per provider.


Updates Released on April 25, 2017:


Confirming Practice Location Phone Numbers

In an ongoing effort to improve the accuracy of provider information listed within directories, CAQH ProView will ask providers to confirm that the phone number listed for each practice location is the primary method that patients should use when scheduling an appointment. 

HOW TO PREPARE: On the Review Screen, the provider will be asked to confirm that the phone number entered in the Office Phone Number field should be used by patients to schedule an appointment.  
IMPACT: <1 minute per location entry.
WHY: Patients depend on the accuracy of provider directories when choosing a health plan and physicians. Inaccurate directories pose significant challenges for patients, contributing to delays in care, limiting choices of providers and masking problems with network adequacy. 
Improved provider directories will:
  • Display an accurate account of the health plan network.
  • Identify providers who are accepting new patients and their contracted insurance coverage.
  • List providers who meet the language and location needs of patients.


The “CAQH ProView Update-April 18, 2017” email referenced enhancements to the Hospital Affiliations Admitting Privilege Status slated for release on April 24, 2017. This is incorrect and those enhancements will not be included. The CAQH ProView April 24, 2017 system update will focus solely on Confirming Practice Location Phone Numbers as previously communicated. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

CAQH ProView released updates and improvements on Tuesday, January 17th. Although some of these updates may require additional time during your next re-attestation, the enhancements address the ongoing need to increase provider data accuracy within health plan directories, particularly practice location. Healthcare providers benefit when their information is reflected accurately in the directories that patients use to choose their care.


Updates Released on January 17, 2017:

Improved Practice Location Data

To assist providers and plans to meet federal and state mandates to improve provider directory accuracy, CAQH ProView now requires practice managers and providers to:

  1. Review and verify their practice address(es) to ensure the information is correct, and
  2. Qualify their association with each practice location. For example, providers have the ability to differentiate between the locations where they are continuously practicing versus covering for support personnel
Estimated Time and Resource Commitment for Data Updating and Review: 
Estimate 1-2 minutes for each location. For each practice location, providers are asked to confirm if they practice at a location and to qualify their affiliation. A termination date will be required for locations where the provider no longer practices.
Required Information:
Knowledge of a provider's practice location and affiliation. 
Organized Practice Location Display

Previously, practice locations were cataloged in the order entered by the practice manager and provider. CAQH ProView has changed how practice locations are displayed to assist in managing this information. 
Practice locations sharing addresses will be coupled, primary practices will appear at the beginning of the list, and the user will have the ability to filter the information based on the provider location.

Estimated Time and Resource Commitment: 
0 minutes; the display updates automatically.
Required Information:
Knowledge of a provider's affiliation with each location.

Expanded Re-attestation Correspondences to Include Second Tiered Contacts

CAQH ProView circulates pending re-attestation email alerts to the primary contact listed on each provider profile. To ensure practice managers and providers avoid missing critical credentialing deadlines, CAQH ProView will include second-tiered contacts in its pending re-attestation email alerts. 

Estimated Time and Resource Commitment: 
0 minutes
Required Information:

These changes do NOT affect a provider's status in CAQH ProView or the ability for authorized participating organizations to view an already current and complete data profile.

Organization Type: 
CAQH Program: