In which states is CAQH ProView available?

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Participating Organization FAQs

How often are providers required to re-attest?

Every 120 days, unless they practice in Illinois in which case they must attest every 180 days.

Why doesn’t my provider have to upload a new AAR (Attestation, Authorization, and Release) every 120/180 days?

NCQA has approved CAQH ProView’s electronic attestation method, which extends the original wet signature and places a provider’s electronic attestation date at the top of the AAR document. 

How often does CAQH outreach to providers reminding them to attest?:

Re-attestation reminder emails are sent on the following schedule:

  • 15 days prior to expiration
  • 10 days prior to expiration
  • 5 days prior to expiration

If no re-attestation has occurred, a provider status will be updated to “Expired” on the day after the re-attestation was due.  Providers in expired status will receive the following notices:

  • Day after provider is placed in expired status
  • 14 days after expired 
  • 28 days after expired
  • 42 days after expired – final notice. 
How often am I billed for services?

CAQH looks at a number of factors when billing for providers. To be billed for a particular provider, ALL of the following must be met::

  1. Provider is Active on your Roster. 
  2. Provider is in Re-attestation or Initial Profile Complete status at the time of their Anniversary Date.
  3. Provider has authorized your plan to view their credentialing application.

Once all criteria is confirmed, CAQH bills once a year for each provider on your roster in the month of the provider's anniversary date (AD).

Your organization may also pay an annual fee of $3,000 that is billed once a year around the time your agreement was initiated with CAQH ProView.

Where can I locate my invoices?

If you are a CAQH ProView Plan Administrator, Back-up Plan Administrator or Billing Administrator, you can securely access billing information directly through CAQH ProView. Simply log in and go to the Files and Reports tab. Then click on Billing Reports to easily retrieve your Invoices.

In addition, you will find Application Reports listing the providers that are billable on each invoice you receive. If you would like to see your account balance, AR aging, credits available, or a list of open invoices, just view your Statement of Accounts Report.


Provider and Practice Manager FAQs

How often do I need to attest to my CAQH ProView information?

Every 120 days, unless you practice in Illinois in which case you must attest every 180 days.

How long will it take my attestation to go through?

Your attestation is processed in real time. Document approval may take up to three business days.

How long will it take my documents to get approved?

Documents uploaded via the CAQH ProView Provider Portal will be approved within three business days.

Why did my document fail?

Documents usually fail if they are not the correct file type, if they are not signed or are illegible. Documents may also fail if information on your account does not match the information on the document being submitted. For more specific information about document failure, please contact the Provider Support Center.  You may speak with a representative via Chat through the CAQH ProView system or you may call 1-888-599-1771.

Why do I have to update my data again, even though I just attested?

CAQH ProView routinely makes system updates to maintain the most current and consistent provider data for uses including credentialing and provider directories. Based on these updates, the system may ask you to enter or update additional information in order to reattest. However, once you have attested, your information will remain updated in CAQH ProView until the time a reattestation is requested.

Why did my information not save when I updated it?

There are red ‘Save’ and ‘Save and Continue’ buttons at the bottom of every page of your application in CAQH ProView. Use these buttons as you are working through your application and every time you make any changes to your data in order to save your updated information. Once you have made all of your updates and are ready to reattest, please then follow the CAQH ProView attestation steps.

Why am I not receiving emails from CAQH ProView?

CAQH ProView sends email notifications to your Primary Email Address and to two additional email addresses if specified. Please ensure that your email address is listed as the Primary Email on your account. You may also want to check that our system emails are not being caught in your Spam/Clutter folders—please make ProviewSystemAdministrator@proview.caqh.org a trusted sender.

User Guides

  • For Participating Organizations:
    • Please log in to CAQH ProView and navigate to the Resources page on the upper right-hand side for the latest user guides.
  • For Providers:
  • For Practice Managers:


Specification Documents

Many resources are available directly on CAQH ProView. Log in to CAQH ProView to access the following:

  • Roster Data Exchange Guidelines: Outlines the required format and process for a Participating Organization to submit a Roster of providers to CAQH ProView.
  • Roster Header Templates:  Excel Templates to assist Participating Organizations in creating Rosters. These documents can be converted to txt format for submission.
  • Domain Table: Outlines the reference data that exists in the Provider Profile and will be delivered in the Extracts.
  • API Specifications: Outlines the Provider Data available via API, and the process for a Participating Organization to retrieve data from the API Web Service.
  • sFTP: Outlines how a Participating Organization can use the sFTP to submit Rosters and receive Extracts.
  • Extract Data Dictionary: Outlines the mapping of the Provider Profile fields to the Extract fields.
  • Sample data files: Sample Extracts from CAQH ProView for a Participating Organization to use for testing.

Technical Instructions

  •  - Explanation of how to open CAQH ASCII (.txt) files in Microsoft Excel.
  • Converting Excel files to .TXT - Explanation of how to convert your Microsft Excel roster file to a tab-delimited text file.
  •  - When using your Return Roster in Microsoft Excel to look at provider Anniversary Dates, this formula can be used to convert the date into a more sortable format.


Please log in to CAQH ProView and navigate to the Resources page on the upper right-hand side for the latest regulatory information.

CAQH ProView System Update Release Archive

Below are the final emails distributed announcing details related to each CAQH ProView release over the past year:

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March 16, 2020

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January 22, 2018

December 4, 2017


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January 14, 2016


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