CAQH ProView Status Updates for Providers and Practice Managers

Updated: 04/08/2020

CAQH ProView Release for July 15, 2019

Improved Workflow in CAQH ProView Practice Locations Section

The number of steps required to add or update a location has been reduced. 

  • If providers indicate that they see patients at the locations, PO Box entries will be restricted. 
  • If providers do not see patients at the locations, PO Box entries will be allowed. 

This update will make it easier to add locations and improve directory accuracy by ensuring more accurate physical locations are able to be published in provider directories. 


Up Next

NPI 1 Validation Coming Soon  

For the August 2019 release, providers will be required to enter an NPI 1 and to match the following fields: 

CAQH ProView



NPI 1 



First Name or Other First Name


First Name 

Last Name or Other Last Name


Last Name 


Prior to the new requirement being released, if CAQH ProView indicates that your NPI entry does not match what is in NPPES, you may update your NPI 1 value. 


Live Chat Feature

To enable providers and practice managers to more easily access a support representative, CAQH launched Live Chat in September 2016.  A banner appears at the top of each screen in CAQH ProView indicating a representative's availability. To begin a chat session, click the banner, enter some basic information, and type your question.

Browser Compatibility with IE 8

While CAQH ProView was designed to be compatible with most Internet browsers, we recommend upgrading to the most current version of Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari, and using one of these browsers for the best performance.

CAQH RESOURCES are available to help users with CAQH ProView:


CAQH ProView Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to access frequently asked questions by providers and practice managers.

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