COB Smart for Providers

COB Smart is an industry-wide solution that streamlines coordination of benefits (COB) processes.

Different than other COB tools, COB Smart collects COB details directly from health plans. The solution matches individuals with multiple coverage by participating health plans, identifies the types of coverage overlaps, and provides insight into the proper order of health plan payment.

COB Smart is designed to easily integrate with most existing provider office workflows. Healthcare providers will be able to work directly with health plans and clearinghouses to access the COB information. Providers will be able to use the eligibility information and COB information from COB Smart for discussion and action with their patients. With COB Smart, providers can file claims correctly based on accurate eligibility and benefits coverage information – both primary and secondary claims.

CAQH is currently coordinating with leading clearinghouses and other solution partners to help integrate COB Smart into the provider workflow. Ask your clearinghouse partner about COB Smart or email


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