Dental Plans

High quality, self-reported dentist data without the manual paperwork. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) and CAQH are working together to make it easier for dentists to enter and share their professional and practice data with dental plans and other participating organizations. Dentists no longer need to complete different credentialing applications and send documentation to dental plans for credentialing, provider directories and other data needs. 

With participation of 70,000 dentists and the nation's leading dental plans, CAQH ProView is the trusted source for accurate and up-to-date credentialing information. 

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  • Access complete, current and compliant dentist information for credentialing and other business needs
  • Download data in convenient formats on-demand or on a schedule 
  • Eliminate outdated manual processes, paper forms and faxes
  • Improve data quality and decrease processing delays

How CAQH ProView Works

  • Add dentists to your roster in bulk or individually to trigger automated attestation reminders
  • Download dentist data and attachments in the format—and when—you need it
  • Manage your roster and know the status of selected dentists or your entire roster 
  • Receive technical support and promotional resources to increase dentist participation and the efficiency and effectiveness of your credentialing program

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