Simplify Inefficient Processes

Save time and money on administrative processes with technology-enabled solutions for credentialing, directory maintenance, coordination of benefits and other essential business functions. 

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CAQH ProView 

Join thousands of health plans, hospitals, and provider groups to streamline your credentialing process. 


Authenticate accurate provider data and efficiently manage primary source verification. 


Save staff time by automating the practice of checking provider sanctions across the country. 


Improve provider directory management and provider data accuracy by simplifying data collection. 

COB Smart

Automatically receive accurate COB information to decrease costs and increase payment integrity. 

CAQH Endpoint Directory

Use our directory of validated endpoints to share data securely between healthcare organizations and third-party apps. 


Simplify your entire credentialing process with our technology-enabled solutions for data collection, primary source verification and sanctions monitoring. 

The suite includes: CAQH ProView, VeriFide and SanctionsTrack.

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